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Carbon emissions, the primary cause of climate change and global warming, must be drastically limited to mitigate catastrophic climate impacts. Enter your country, and if in the US, your State below and Climate Change FAQs delivers reliable answers to important questions on climate and what you can do to mitigate and reverse climate impacts and save money where you live.

Questions and answers will display in windows appearing below after you enter your Country/State. Click on any question or all of them. 
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{How have temperature, precipitation and extreme weather events changed (near zip code entered) in the last 50 years with references}

{How has climate changed in my area during the last 50 years?}

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Climate Change FAQs is a private voluntary project to deliver reliable country and US state level information on climate solutions and impacts with this simple, easy to use interface. We hope it is a useful gateway for climate curious individuals to learn more about climate and to take climate action.

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